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Sustainability in emerging and frontier markets suggests both outsized vulnerability and outsized opportunity. 

Data | “AI” for Alpha and Impact

  • Many unstructured data sources, including company disclosures, NGO and non-profit reports, and news, evaluated using ML techniques applied to NLP and Imputation of values. 
  • Signals are rigorously developed utilizing our established research methodology.


Integration | ESG is not one factor

  • Sustainability considerations are heterogeneous across ESG.
  • They also differ by investment theme (static vs dynamic, alpha vs risk).
  • We offer a systematic, market-driven approach to quantifying forward-looking themes.


Solutions | Don’t Buy Blood in the Streets

Global Delta disallows investments in UN Global Compact violators, tobacco companies, and controversial weapons producers.

Our forecast and optimization technology enables us to be even more selective.  For example, we may avoid investments in adverse practices in agriculture, deforestation, and freshwater withdrawal.

Engagement | Stewardship & Partnerships

  • We partner with leading institutes to participate in thought leadership and stewardship. These partnerships inform our idea generation.
  • Our Advisory Board include luminaries in sustainable investing: including Chris Pinney (Founder & CEO of High Meadows Institute) and Ajmal Ahmady (Former CB Governor of Afghanistan).

Diversity, Equity & Inlcusion


Global Delta supports industry and community initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion, both within and outside the workplace. We actively seek partnerships and with organizations that share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including both service providers and industry groups.

Global Delta is a Founding Signatory of the CFA Institute’s DEI Code. We are also a working group participant in Industry Diversity Advisory Committee (IDAC), which was launched in February 2020 as an independently operating forum for investment organizations to share best practices and document progress on diversity, equity and inclusion in the asset management industry.


Within our investment process, we hold a thematic prior that companies that develop products to support gender equality will outperform given the future flow of assets into supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. As such, we favor companies with products that support gender equality.